Charlotte Raye Aman. Born Tuesday, August 23rd at 4:55am; 5lbs, 9oz, 20.5in, with a full head of hair. She has her mom’s nose, her dad’s eyes. She was knit together perfectly, now held in the strong arms of Jesus in the most beautiful of nurseries, wrapped in the most luxurious blankets. She is home.

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Hi there. I’m Hannah, the mama of sweet Charlotte Raye, married to my best friend, Peter. Our Charlotte was delivered all too early into the presence of Jesus. As her parents, Peter and I wait in hopeful anticipation of the day we not only get to hold our precious child, but get to see and worship our Savior. This is a blog about my daughter’s earthly story yet I trust that her heavenly story is continually being written by her God. This blog is also a place of reflection, processing, grieving and joyful expectancy from my perspective. With great humility, I hope that my words will touch others, grieving and not-grieving alike, and illuminate the peace that comes from having a God that is with us always.

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Please feel free to contact me with your personal reflections.